About DevOps++ Global Summit

#DOPPA17 (DevOps ++ Global Summit 2017) is a one day conference happening on 9th of September 2017. Conference will be followed by some very cutting edge workshops which would run till September 2017.
DevOps has become one of most trending subject of this year. In a recent Google trend search DevOps interest is at 100%.
Every now and then we hear some or the other thing pertaining to DevOps. Whether is the Development world, testing phase or the production environment, everyone seems of transforming and evolving themselves into DevOps. But DevOps is not merely a title or tag that you will associate to yourself, the scope of DevOps is much larger than that. DevOps pertains changes in an organization. DevOps implies to Cultural change in the organization. It is about breaking the barriers and building bridges. It is about sharing and collaborating with the team (Dev, Test and Ops). The founders of the DevOps++ Alliance strongly believe that the time has come for the organizations to break the silos in their teams and bring total transformation in their organization.
Transformation need us to think beyond methodologies and tools and look at Machine Learning and AI, Big Data and its impact, Robotics and Robotic Process Automation, IoT and how it is impacting our day to day life.
With so much happening around us, time has come to not only transform organizations but us as individuals. DOPPA17 will be our way to allow us all learn from the latest and lead the path for wholesome transformation.
#DOPPA17 is in a way to get the community together and experience the latest in DevOps and beyond. The ++ in DevOps++ is all about going beyond DevOps

#DOPPA17 Vision

DOPPA17 is our first attempt at realizing this vision. We have partnered with I 2IT to bring this first edition of DevOps++ Global Summit.
Cutting edge workshops are being offered in partnership with PPCRC, Pune. (Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center (PPCRC).

Meet our Speakers

Schalk Cronje
Systems-thinking Product Delivery Agile and DevOps Coach UK.
Founder and CEO of Valueinnova LLC
Mukta Aphale
Founder Crevise, DevOps expert and coach, Pune
Sanjiv Chourasia
Sanjiv Chourasia, is Director, Emerging Technology - DevOps & Agile Transformation at CGI, Toronto Canada.
Rabinder Henry
Director at Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center
Dr. Akhil Ranjan Garg
Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Machine learning expert
Dr Vivek Vijayvargiya
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, Machine learning expert
Rashmi Jahagirdar
Director Head Of Testing Practice, Deutsche Bank
Kapil Apshankar
Chief DevOps Architect, Global DevOps Practice Leader at Cognizant
Vijay K
Technology Head – Agile, DevOps and Technology CoEs, TCS

Schalk Cronjé's experience in the software industry spans three decades and has spoken and taught on various software delivery techniques in Europe, USA, India and South Africa.

He has been an early adopter of test-driven design and development at all levels of testing and has applied TDD in many programming languages and on various platforms. One specific library he can recall is still in daily usage and is used in scanning millions of emails world-wide, yet the customer defect rate is less than one per year, all which can be attributed to TDD. He has been responsible for many a complex product roll-outs where continuous integration and continuous deployment have been the key. He does not consider TDD & DevOps to be a useful technique, but the absolute key to competitive and effective delivery in this age of globalization.

He is the creator of many open-source projects and contributor to a number of other projects. He serves on the steering committee of the Agile Testing Alliance and is a board member of DevOps++ Alliance in Europe. He holds two engineering degrees and an MBA in technology management. He lives and works from the small Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees mountains.

Founder and CEO of Valueinnova LLC, an Agile Project Management mentoring, coaching, consulting and training company based in Silicon Valley, and with of Offices in 4 countries. With 25 years of solid experience, he is the creator of Lean Value Innovation; a Senior consultant for the Agile Project Management practice of the Cutter Consortium in Boston Massachusetts; and teacher of Value Innovation at the University of California at Berkeley extension. Masa has provided lean-agile services to customers from Fortune100 to Startups in 12 countries in diverse industries such as Financial, Software development, IT, Airline, Telecommunications, Health, Online services, and Education. An active member of the Lean and Agile communities has given key notes and presentations at numerous conferences worldwide. He has diverse credentials on Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scum, and Innovation Games.

Masa is currently writing a book on Lean Value Innovation and co-authoring a book on Agile PMBOK

Previously, Masa was founding group member of the Lean Kanban University and one of its first accredited Kanban coaches/trainers (His company, Valueinnova LLC, was a founding Charter Member of LKU). He was an associate of David J. Anderson, the creator of the Kanban Method. Masa was founding team member at four successful startups in Silicon Valley and at three of them created High Caliber Quality Assurance organizations that pioneered techniques, some of them still at the cutting edge these days. He did R&D at Apple Inc. in Cupertino California, USA, and at Justsystems Corp in Tokushima, Japan.

Masa lives in Silicon Valley, California, USA and travels continually around the world to work with customers, provide training, and give keynotes and presentations.

I have served the software industry as a technology geek, developer and DevOps enthusiast. I have contributed to open source tools like Chef. Innovation and the thirst to keep learning are what define me. I live mypassion for technology by running my own startup Crevise Technologies, which is focused on solving complex tech problems. I love to travel, read, write and am a mother to two boys.

Rashmi has 24+ years in IT Development & QA, building Testing Centers of Excellence and off-shore Delivery Organizations for top banks across Europe and Asia Pacific. She is heading Global delivery of Global Markets and Corporate Technology domains along with her QA Head responsibilities for APAC region. She is instrumental in setting up Testing Centre of Excellence having with main focus on Automation testing, Performance testing, Test Data Management and Test Environment Management streams. Her approach to ideation, accelerated testing, team up-skilling and transition to Agile / DevOps methodologies enable her to drive innovation and deliver tangible results. She is Bachelor Computer Science with double post-graduation as MS in Software Engineering and Telecommunication and MBA in International Business.

Prior to Deutsche Bank Rashmi worked with organizations like Infosys, Cognizant and Tech M where she has setup India based QA delivery shops. She is recognized as thought leader in software Q&A space having delivered critical QA transformation programs for financial and telecom organizations. She credits her success to the ability to build, motivate, and lead high performance teams.

As part of her IT career time to time she has as well shouldered additional responsibilities on employee engagement and enablement. Diversity and inclusivity is a key area of interest to her. She is Diversity lead at India Technology Level and site head for Pune site for Deutsche bank. She is core committee member at ABI Pune chapter and active participant at various forums at NASSCOM

Vijay Shankar Krishnamoorthy has been focusing on catalyzing Agile and DevOps transformation journeys for various fortune 500 customers in the last 5 years.

With over 20 years of experience, his current role includes thought leadership, consulting, coaching, fostering communities of practice, competency development, and institutionalization of tools, frameworks, methods, standards and best practices on all aspects of SW engineering, open source web technologies and programming languages.

In his previous technology leadership roles, Vijay has led the Java and Middleware Technology Practices, led product and tools engineering, and has executed architecture consulting engagements for some of the Fortune 500 customers.

Dr. Akhil Ranjan Garg is Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, J.N.V. University Jodhpur, Visiting Faculty Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. His area of research are Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience. His research in computational neuroscience concentrates on building computational models for developing some salient features of neurons in visual cortex. He is also working as Director Educational Multi Media Research Centre (EMMRC), JNVU University Jodhpur an UGC-CEC initiative for developing curriculum-based course contents at post graduate and undergraduate level covering diverse disciplines. He is also Channel Coordinator of Channel 03(UGC-CEC), one of the channels of 32 DTH channel completely devoted to telecasting high quality educational programmes on 24x7 basis using the (2) GSAT-15 transponders. He is recipient of AICTE Young teachers Career Award, DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Fellowship, IBRO Fellowship and is member of AICTE All India Board of Under-Graduate Studies in Engineering and Technology.

Professor Henry is a Director at Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center. Professor Henry is a technology geek and scientist who believes that India can progress by making its own technology products. He is a passionate geek empowering and leading today's research candidates at PPCRC with the latest stuff in IoT, 3D Printing, Machine Learning and Analytics. He was earlier director at Vishwabharati Academy's College of Engineering & Polytechnic where his vision was to create value based , academic oriented ,real engineering education within the AICTE framework. His mission is to change the way how a typical college works and make it more updated with current technology ! Transform the pedagogy and involve more young researchers, educators in rural India for development and ensure indigenous technology development for solving rural India's growth !

Kapil is a Silicon Valley technologist and technology innovator.

He has spent a significant portion of his highly successful career in the Silicon Valley, California, the hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Kapil has worked with Fortune 500 companies for over fifteen years. He has coached and mentored CxO and IT leadership teams implement Enterprise DevOps to gain organizational agility, engineering transformation and business impact. Kapil is a prolific author and a much sought after speaker at business and technology conferences in United States and India. He is a best selling author of "Done! The Art of Managing Priorities".

Sanjiv is a well-rounded technology leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering business values by innovating & advancing technology practices in high-performing organizations. He is leading Digital Transformation in variety of practice areas such as DevOps, Agile, Cloud Computing, Application Performance Management, Custom Application Development, Packaged Applications. He has helped transform business vision into manageable portfolio of IT applications and projects,developed and maintained roadmaps of portfolio of applications while alligning and prioritizing conflicting stakeholders’ interests.

Dr Vivek Vijay is a professor in IIT Rajasthan. Dr Vijay’s expertise lies in Machine learning and Data science. Prior to IIT he was Manager derivatives in Quantitative Finance in Syntel Inc. Dr Vivek has held various faculty positions across multiple institutes. Dr Vivek has published multitude of papers in International Journals and is a Ph.D in Statistics from IIT Mumbai. He as coauthored a book titled “Systems Thinking Approach for Social Problems” and is a recipient of best faculty award from IIT Jodhpur.

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