THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF Devops++ Global Summit 2017

#doppa17 Presentations

A systemic approach to shaping a DevOps culture from Masa Maeda
DevOps In Mobility World With Microsoft Technology from Shrinathacharya L M" and "Nandini G V
Shades Of DevOps Implimentation in BFSI world QA/Quality perspective from Vivek Porwal
Linuxkit and Moby - A Sneek Peek into The Future of Container Ecosystem from Shantanu Deshpande

Glimpses of #doppa17

Congratulation To all the winners

Winners of #doppa17 paper presentation and Other contests

Winner - Sampat Kumar

Sampat Kumar receiving his winning trophy from Mr. Masa K. Maeda

1st Runner's up - Dhiren Shah

Dhiren Shah receiving his 1st Runner's up trophy from Mr. Masa K. Maeda

2nd Runner's up - Kapil Apshankar

Congratulation's to Kapil Apshankar for being 2nd Runner's up. Abhijit Vaikar is receiving trophy on his behalf from Mr. Masa K. Maeda

Winner of Twitter Contest : Kiran Kannure

Kiran Kannure receiving his winning trophy from Mr. Masa K. Maeda

Winner of Selfie Contest : Niraj Mahajan

Niraj Mahajan receiving his winning trophy from Rashmi Jahagirdar

About DevOps++ Global Summit

#DOPPA17 (DevOps ++ Global Summit 2017) is a one day conference happening on 9th of September 2017. Conference will be followed by some very cutting edge workshops which would run till September 2017. DevOps has become one of most trending subject of this year. In a recent Google trend search DevOps interest is at 100%.

Every now and then we hear some or the other thing pertaining to DevOps. Whether is the Development world, testing phase or the production environment, everyone seems of transforming and evolving themselves into DevOps. But DevOps is not merely a title or tag that you will associate to yourself, the scope of DevOps is much larger than that. DevOps pertains changes in an organization. DevOps implies to Cultural change in the organization. It is about breaking the barriers and building bridges. It is about sharing and collaborating with the team (Dev, Test and Ops). The founders of the DevOps++ Alliance strongly believe that the time has come for the organizations to break the silos in their teams and bring total transformation in their organization.

Transformation need us to think beyond methodologies and tools and look at Machine Learning and AI, Big Data and its impact, Robotics and Robotic Process Automation, IoT and how it is impacting our day to day life.

With so much happening around us, time has come to not only transform organizations but us as individuals. DOPPA17 will be our way to allow us all learn from the latest and lead the path for wholesome transformation.

#DOPPA17 is in a way to get the community together and experience the latest in DevOps and beyond. The ++ in DevOps++ is all about going beyond DevOps

#DOPPA17 Vision

  • Provide affordable access to the most cutting edge conference where sharing of knowledge and learnings are paramount
  • Create a networking platform which is shared by developers, testers, operational team, entrepreneurs, solution / service providers, go beyond the silos.
  • Partner with Academia and bring professional conferences close to universities, colleges and student communities.

DOPPA17 is our first attempt at realizing this vision. We have partnered with I 2IT to bring this first edition of DevOps++ Global Summit.
Cutting edge workshops are being offered in partnership with PPCRC, Pune. (Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center (PPCRC).