#doppa17 Presentations

A systemic approach to shaping a DevOps culture from Masa Maeda
DevOps In Mobility World With Microsoft Technology from Shrinathacharya L M" and "Nandini G V
Shades Of DevOps Implimentation in BFSI world QA/Quality perspective from Vivek Porwal
Linuxkit and Moby - A Sneek Peek into The Future of Container Ecosystem from Shantanu Deshpande
Introduction To Big Data with Hadoop and Spark - For Batch and Real Time Processing from Sampat Kumar
Strengthening CX through Agile Ecosystems from Urmila Kandha and Laxman Murugappan
BDaas- BigData as a service from Sherya Pal
Architecting DevOps Ready Application from Rupesh Kumar Agrawal
Design Thinking Approach for Analytics from Niyati Shah
Making DevOps a reality for Legacy Enterprise Monolithic Products from Mandar Nadgouda
Addressing the challenges of delivering Microservice applications in the enterprise from Sathishkanth Swarna
Key Success (And Failure) modes for your Large Scale DevOps Transformation from Asheesh Mehdiratta
Demonetization, IoT and related thoughts! from Sherlin Mathew
Monitoring With Prometheus from Pravin Magdum
Windows Automation with Ansible from Swapnil Dahiphale
Salesforce: CI,CD & CT from Priyanka Dive
Industrial Approach IOT: Practical Approach from Shardul Rao" And "ShitalKumar Panse
Distributed And Scaled (DiSc) Agile PMO from Neelam Sekhon
Prediction Of Muscle Power In Elderly Using Functional Screening Data from Vivek Vijay
Robotic Process Automation from Mukund Wangikar And Rohit Changedia
DevOps++ Global Summit 2017 from DevOps++ Global Summit 2017